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How We Redesigned Our Kitchen

Is your kitchen outdated? No need to panic! Here are some ideas hubby and I applied in our kitchen to change its look without resorting to a designer.

A new kitchen without radical changes, it is possible, and we’re proud of it! Thanks to the advice we got from our good friend Sophie, we opted for a kitchen makeover and gave our kitchen a second life.

Here’s a website that we had a look at for inspiration: http://verycozyhome.com/ – home tips and reviews

Now, if you’re looking to do a makeover redecoration and not fully change everything, here are the working principles that we guided ourselves by.

  1. Optimize the space by relocating the furniture

Before embarking on major work, we changed the furniture around the kitchen. It will cost you nothing, except a bit of sweat! Also, you can create a new piece of furniture or highlight one of yours. The idea is to build a great line of furniture to add storage space in the kitchen.

Another idea to remember: incorporate a dining area. Either by installing a kitchen island with dining table or a bar top and cooking pans to optimize space. Or a pretty table if you have room.

What we did was to better arrange the cabinets around the room, push the bar a bit further into the living room, and create more room for the table in the middle.

  1. Remove tall furniture from the kitchen to give a feeling of space

To avoid the feel of clutter in the kitchen, you can install large shelves on the walls of wall cabinets. These shelves redecorate the walls of the kitchen without breaking the bank. They will be used as support for decorations and beautiful cookbooks.

  1. Repaint the kitchen furniture

The color of our kitchen furniture was outdated. Before thinking about completely overhauling our kitchen, be aware that there are special kitchen paints. They allow to completely cover the furniture but also show the fiber of the wood. We had a lot of fun getting the kids to paint.

  1. Refresh the look of the tiles without removing them

To change the look of the tiles in your kitchen, Sophie gave us several options.

– Paint the tiles with special kitchen paint.

– Without repainting the tiles, you can cover them with a large slate for example. That will be cheaper than to change the tiles.

  1. Repainting the kitchen walls

Repaint the walls with a color suitable for the style of the kitchen: white, gray… If you have the means, you can decorate the walls of your kitchen with a beautiful siding wall imitation: charcoal ,stone, etc

  1. Paint, cover or change the floor

The makeover of the floor can be done in various ways:

-cover it with self-adhesive imitation floor tiles to give the former floor charm.

-paint the tiles with a special paint will also be a tip to enhance the sensation of light in the kitchen. Pay attention to follow the instructions for this type of product and allow for drying time, especially if you have kids!

  1. Change some of the kitchen equipment

Putting a new countertop in the kitchen gave it a young look without totally changing the thing. Also, oiled oak wood brings a modern look to a rustic kitchen furniture like ours.

You can also replace the hood by a more modern one, and change the furniture handles to revamp its looks. That’s actually a very effective trick, more than we thought.

I hope you’re finding these tips helpful. Happy makeover!